BLUEFLAME3D® is the registered brand name of proven solutions in 3D robot milling.


Building a robot cell for a pick & place application is a relatively standard job for every robot integrator. 3D milling (or 3D/5D printing) with an industrial robot is a different story. It requires additional knowledge of machining, materials, tooling, peripherals and the CAM software to generate the robot programs. Within the Blueflame3D® group, we have all the expertise for both software and hardware to help you make the right choices about professional and effective 3D milling utilizing a robot.


In addition to the knowledge of 3D milling with industrial robots and the software required for this, a proven solution can be offered in combination with the hardware developed by us that offers certainty. Our mission is to activate a Blueflame3D® user group in SMBs. In this way, professional robot milling is strengthened as an effective production process. In addition, the Blueflame3D concept is sustainable and affordable. For example, we partly work with refurbished hardware and thus contribute to the environment and a faster ROI at the same time.


The Blueflame3D® concept guarantees that you are buying a practice-proven solution. This concept takes the opposite route from the one you usually take. Usually, you will talk to a robot integrator if you want a solution built. During such a first meeting, the robot integrator will ask you what you want to have constructed. Blueflame3D® works the other way around. You know in advance what you are buying and that it works. A day and night difference!

Our CAD/CAM software

SprutCAM Robot

SprutCAM Tech has been developing CAD/CAM software for CNC machine programming for 20 years. During this period, a huge number of machining strategies have been developed for 2.5, 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machines. Now all these machining strategies are available for industrial robot milling in SprutCAM Robot. SprutCAM Robot Milling is used, among other things, for milling moulds and plugs for composite parts for the maritime and automotive sector, sculptures, prosthetics and moulds for orthoses.

SprutCAM Robot has various editing strategies from 2D to 5D. A comprehensive range of roughing and finishing toolpath strategies are available that work directly with the 3D part and part model. The toolpaths in SprutCAM Robot can be used for various processing techniques such as milling, 3D and 5D printing, welding, cutting and spraying.

A robot scheme is a one-to-one 3D model in SprutCAM Robot of the robot cell in your workshop. SprutCAM Robot contains a large number of robot schemes of the most common models. However, Blueflame3D® makes a tailor-made robot scheme for each customer and configuration.

More information about SprutCAM Robot? Read more here.

Our robot hardware

IRS Refurbished®

Blueflame3D® uses IRS Refurbished® 3D robots. Founded in 2002, IRS Robotics is one of the pioneers of the global sustainable international refurbished robot market. The company’s origins are in the robot expertise of the former Philips machine factories. There is a big difference between purchasing a ‘used robot’ and purchasing an IRS Robotics refurbished robot. In addition to the standard refurbishment protocols, additional measurements are performed for the Blueflame3D® robots. Just think of measuring the 3 accuracies: backlash, repeatability and accuracy.

In the datasheet of an industrial robot, you will only find information about ‘repeatability’. This is usually around +/- 0.15 mm, depending on the type of robot. However, this specific accuracy says nothing (at all) about the generally intended ‘accuracy’ achievable on the final product during milling or 3D printing. The ‘general accuracy’ that you can expect from a refurbished robot is roughly between 0.7 and 1.5 mm with, for example, a robot milling in plastic or wood. It is good to know that in terms of accuracy, in practice, there appears to be little difference between a new and a good refurbished robot. However, it depends on various factors whether you can mill ‘accurately’ to, for example, 0.7 mm or to an accuracy of 1.5 mm. External factors, such as milling in the extended or retracted state of the arm or the application of certain milling techniques, can, in turn, cause a larger or smaller deviation in accuracy.

In any case: during a demo in one of our demo cells we can determine what is feasible for you based on one of your products or a comparable product. That way there are never any surprises afterwards.


More information about IRS Refurbished® robots? Read more here.

Our milling technology.


During his studies in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft, DamenCNC founder Kevin Damen started making CNC machines as a hobby. Now, with more than 15 years of CNC experience and a team of highly skilled employees, DamenCNC develops high-quality partial products and supplies almost all standard items from stock.

For Blueflame3D®, DamenCNC from Alphen aan den Rijn (NL) not only develops and supplies the essential Blueflame3D® composite equipment for milling control. They also supply the milling motors, tool changing stations, milling bits, exhaust systems, 3D probes, etc.

DamenCNC currently has over 4,000 products for sale. They are active in 38 countries.


Read more about DamenCNC here.

Our configuration & trainings

HB3D / Spil Robotics

HB3D is an Amsterdam-based technology developer and manufacturing company. They are specialized in robot printing and robot milling.

Spil Robotics is affiliated with HB3D. They provide the robot milling specialism. For Blueflame3D®, Spil Robotics provides the essential on-site guidance trajectories. From basic training (IR Basic, IR Basic Plus) to Professional (IR Professional) and even fully participating in projects. Spil Robotics is experienced in the integrated assessment and configuration of 3D milling hardware solutions. They know both CAM software and practical experience with various robot milling setups.

For the correct operation, use of the hardware and the correct transfer of information it is necessary and required to guide the Blueflame3D® end user. For example with configuring/integrating and dealing with the supplied hardware. The goal is, of course, a learning curve that is as short as possible!

After the hardware is active Spil Robotics coordinates and adjusts the software and hardware. Configuration and training are inextricably linked with Blueflame3D®.


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