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This hardware consists of:

  • Robot KUKA KR200 KRC2ed05 Absolut Vermessen
    • Type: Comp L140, Comp L170 or Comp Standard
    • IRS Refurbished®
    • Equipped with necessary IO
    • incl. mounting plate for floor mounting
  • ATC package including:
    • Teknomotor Automatic Toolchanger S1(7.5kW)S6(9.0kW) 12krpm max24krpm
    • Control box with frequency inverter incl. aluminum base
    • Blueflame3D® basic supplies (starter pack)
    • Not included: Tool Exchange Station (if desired see TYPE A1-TC)
  • Retraction System Cabling

Blueflame3D® package TYPE A1

A robot with an ATC milling motor.