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3D robot milling

The Blueflame3D® concept gives you the certainty that you are buying a field-proven solution. This concept takes the opposite route from the one you usually take. Usually, you will talk to a robot integrator if you want a solution built. During such a first meeting, the robot integrator will ask you what you want to have constructed. Blueflame3D® works the other way around.

In recent years, Blueflame3D® has developed and tested hardware, software, post processors and components in our very own demo setups. From using refurbished industrial robots and rotary tables to an efficient control cabinet for milling motors and a high-performance tool changing system. In combination with the existing knowledge of milling, we can offer you a proven and provable solution that provides certainty. We call these solutions: according to the Blueflame3D® concept.



Blueflame3D® works with refurbished robot hardware where possible. A properly refurbished robot is a very appealing alternative to a 5-axis milling machine in, for example, the wood and plastic industry. The tolerances in these industries do not require machinery to work within a few tenths of an accuracy. What is crucial is the best possible flexibility and range. That is what a robot offers.



SprutCAM Robot is a powerful CAM program where you can program, simulate and optimize industrial robots from one working environment. For SprutCAM Robot, unlike traditional robot simulation software, you do not need an additional CAM program to generate the toolpaths. SprutCAM Robot is the brain of the Blueflame3D® solutions.



To operate a Blueflame3D® solution and have it function effectively, the user needs knowledge. The aim for our users is to be able to build up their knowledge and expertise. All our training services guide the customer to deal adequately with the hardware supplied. This guidance is essential in the Blueflame3D® concept.

Blueflame3D® main partners

The following 4 Dutch companies provide all hardware and services for the current Blueflame3D® robot solutions in close cooperation.