Competition is always lurking. Once a running Blueflame3D is on the shop floor, companies sometimes prefer to keep that ‘secret weapon’ to themselves. We think that’s a shame, but we understand. We can therefore not show you all those delights that we would like to show. That is why you will find some random projects in the spotlight of our own demo cell and 3D/5D prototype printing projects below. Also take a look at our Social Media channels LinkedInFacebookInstagramYoutube. There’s more to be found!

3D robotfrezen (democel – project Vaas)

3D robotfrezen (democel – project Turbineblad)

3D robotfrezen (democel; project Marianne)

3D robotfrezen (democel – project Skull)

3D robotfrezen (democel – project Moai)

3D robotfrezen (democel – project Porsche)

Prototype (3D/5D printen Bloemenbak)

3D robotfrezen (klantlocatie – large scale)

Prototype (3D/5D printen D3AAK boot)

3D robotprinten en nafrezen (HB3D)

3D robotprinten en nafrezen (HB3D)

3D robotfrezen (at VABO)