Our vision is that only that which is stable, properly tested and reproducible can be marketed. Using customers as lab rats is not our style. Further developments and new developments within the Blueflame3D® concept are tested in-house for quality and durability. Below is an impression of some priorities that are in full development or further development.

In full progress.

Print Head / Robot Extruder

Priority number one. Blueflame3D® is fully engaged in the development of the Blueflame3D print head/robot extruder. The print head is used in our large-scale 3D printer, of course with possible refurbished robot hardware and SprutCAM software. The quality versus cost aspect remains a spearhead in all our developments!

The next step is to link the printing solution with the milling solutions, using the same robot. Associated peripherals such as the quick-change system between a print head and milling motor are already in a far stage of development.

Constantly evolving.

Blueflame3D® demo cell

Our demo cell is constantly being developed further. All new parts are tested there. Tests and tryouts are conducted there. We first want to see and experience everything with our own eyes.

A visit to our demo cell is always the starting point for all our customers. This can be done live on-site, but also digitally! To inform our customers as well as possible before making a choice, we have several demo locations spread across the Netherlands at our disposal. This allows our customers to form a realistic picture of the purchase of a robot milling solution. The robot cell of CADCAMstore in Halsteren is one of them. During a demo in one of our demo cells, we can determine what is feasible for you based on one of your products or a comparable product. That way there are never any surprises afterwards.

From our robot cell in Halsteren, we also give 1-on-1 webinars to let you experience the possibilities of SprutCAM Robot. During a webinar, you can watch live via 5 HD cameras and follow the actions and operations in SprutCAM Robot in real-time.

In progress

Upcoming Blueflame3D products

Some other Blueflame3D products in development, in no particular order:

  • Hot wire-cutter
  • Automatic switching station for milling motor and extruder
  • Heavy-duty shelving system for motor/extruder
  • Turntable with hollow shaft (heating and vacuum) for 3D/5D printing
  • PILZ safety system for cell realization
  • Fences / Safety fences
  • Vacuum cleaning station for the tool change station
  • Height-adjustable vacuum cleaner head for milling motors
  • … and more!