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IR Basis Pro

Naast de Basis CAM & Robotintegratie is het mogelijk om een aanvullende IR-training te volgen. IR staat voor Interne Robotverantwoordelijke en is de persoon die het interne én externe aanspreekpunt is voor het pakket. Hiervoor worden 3 verschillende gradaties trainingen aangeboden.


Name of the training:
IR Basic Pro (Proffesional)

Training is given by:
Spil Robotics

Skills are mastered on the basis of a fixed demonstration product, which contains a number of standard operations.
All necessary tools and basic materials are taken by Spil Robotics.
In addition, a pilot project is supervised from scratch to end product.

Understanding the workflow, based on a standard test case/milling program.
Independent input and running of a milling program on your own set-up.
Able to independently fix errors during execution.
Being able to edit a product with your own material and tools.
Able to independently handle new projects.

During this training, in addition to experience with independently entering and running the standard test program, experience is also gained in working with own materials and products. After the training, the IR must be able to independently program and edit new products/projects.

On site / face to face

At least 8 working days (depending on the type of case)

For whom:
For the Internal Robot Responsible (IR)


  • SprutCAM program can adjust
  • Generate Robot Program from SprutCAM
  • Enter program into the robot
  • Running the program
  • Check correct execution
  • Workflow SprutCAM/Robot and robot operation with different scenarios
  • Developing your own demo product, which can be used as a template for follow-up projects
  • Guidance of a pilot project from scratch to end product