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Basic CAM & Robot integration

For the correct functioning of the hardware and the correct transfer of information, it is necessary to guide the end user in configuring/integrating and handling the supplied hardware.



After the hardware has been installed, the software and hardware must be coordinated and adjusted. This can be scheduled after the robot training of IRS Robotics and the online software training of SprutCAM Benelux.

One (1) day is generally required to set up a basic hardware (TYPE Q1) setup. Below is an overview of the activities that will be performed on this day.

The Basic CAM & Robot Integration is concluded with the acceptance of the purchase protocol with the Internal Robot Responsible (IR) appointed by you.


Activities (1 day)

  • Create Robot Schedule
  • Create Post Processor
  • Match Scripts to Installation
  • Control of the milling spindle
  • Measure TCP (Tool Center point) spindle
  • Measure 3D probe
  • Run control program

Is there more than just the basic TYPE QTC setup? Then the following applies:

Integration tailored to additional equipment (more than TYPE Q1)

– ATC + Tool change station (+ 1 day)
– Turntable (+ 1 day)
– Track (+ 1 day)
– Kuka CamRob installation (+1 day)
– Additional additions or adjustments (depending)