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SprutCAM Module Robot

An interactive on-line training.

SprutCAM training

Name of the training:

Training is given by:
SprutCAM Benelux / Blueflame3D®

Required experience:
This training requires that you have successfully completed the SprutCAM Basic training or that you have mastered SprutCAM Basic.

In consultation with the customer, it is determined how much SprutCAM training is required on the basis of the need and the basic knowledge available.
Experience shows that a minimum of two days of training is required if the client does not have basic knowledge of CAM.

Online training

2 hours for the explanation, 3 hours for interactive


  • Rotary axis
  • Robot Axis Map
  • 6th axis control
  • Approach and return
  • Short repeat 5-axis
  • (+ operation/ example relevant to the customer)