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SprutCAM Module Basic Controls

An interactive on-line basic training.

SprutCAM training

Name of the training:
Basic Control Module

Training is given by:
SprutCAM Benelux / Blueflame3D®

In consultation with the customer, it is determined how much SprutCAM training is required on the basis of the need and the basic knowledge available.
Experience shows that a minimum of two days of training is required if the client does not have basic knowledge of CAM.

Online training

2 hours for the explanation, 3 hours for interactive


  • Machine selection
  • Different coordinate systems
  • Importing the CAD model
  • Positioning the CAD model
  • Scale and view options
  • Defining the raw material
  • Create and set terminals
  • Create Custom Tools
  • Create tool holder
  • Generate Tool Path
  • Simulate the tool path
  • Post processes of the tool paths